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TOPS Satellite Irrigation Management Support (SIMS)

NASA and USGS satellites were used to map crop development and crop water demand throughout California's Central Valley, Central Coast, and North Coast at a spatial resolution of 0.25 acres from 2010 to present. Through this prototype interface, users may view maps and inspect/download time-series trends of selected data layers at user-specified locations. The datasets are intended to provide additional information about crop canopy conditions and irrigation demand for agricultural producers and water managers. This interface is being made available for review and evaluation by California growers and other interested stakeholders.

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Acknowledgment: These datasets were developed by the Ecological Forecasting Lab at NASA Ames Research Center in collaboration with the California State University, USDA Agricultural Research Service and California Department of Water Resources, and with support from the NASA Applied Sciences Program, the California Department of Water Resources, and the CSU Agricultural Research Institute.

Disclaimer: These datasets are distributed for research, evaluation and demonstration purposes only. The datasets are still under review and should be considered provisional.

Feedback: Please direct questions or feedback to Forrest Melton (